Lettuce at School

Growing Minds and Gardens

. Planting the Seeds of Success with an Interactive, Sustainable Hydroponic Gardening Program Rooted in Mindfulness Practices.

Next Generation Science Standards
UN Sustainable Development Goals

No Green Thumb? No Problem!

Leveraging years of expertise in nurturing classroom gardens, we've crafted the perfect toolkit to guarantee success for ANY teacher.

Our 9-week, technology-driven course encompasses:

  • Hydroponic farming techniques
  • Environmental science principles
  • Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)
  • Exploring the link between diet, health, and well-being

Our immersive program extends throughout the term, engaging students in regular plant care, equipment maintenance, harvesting, monitoring yields, nutrient management, garden problem-solving, and mindfulness practices.

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Discover the Course!

We embrace a holistic approach to education, combining sustainable agriculture with mindfulness practices. Explore our syllabus and video previews, showcasing our dedicated educators and various aspects of the course.


Week 1: A Hydroponic Adventure: Green and Sustainable

Hydroponic Wonders: Green Gardens Unleashed

Soil or Not? A Farming Fable

Mindful Moments: Harmonizing with Earth

Week 2: Carbon Footprints: Unraveling the Mystery

Light Steps: Easing Our Footprints

Renewable Rides: Green Transport Wonders

Earth Hugs: Planet-Cherishing Meditation

Week 3: Every Drop Counts: Water Wisdom

Farming's Water Wonders: Conservation Tales

Water Whispers: Saving H2O in Agriculture

Ripple Reflections: Mindful Water Meditation

Week 4: Growing Skyward: Vertical Farming Magic

Land Efficiency: Space-Saving Farm Marvels

Skyscraper Gardens: Urban Farm Adventures

Grateful Roots: Treasure Earth Meditation

Week 5: Farewell Plastic: Eco-Friendly Choices

Unmasking Plastic Litter's Sneaky Consequences

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Plastic's Dance

Inner Green: Embracing Earth-Loving Ways

Week 6: Farm to Fork: Local Food's Charm

Local Food Enchantment: A Tasty Tale

Food Travel's Hidden Costs Revealed

Harmonious Connections: Local Food Meditation

Week 7: Tiny Helpers: Bugs in Agriculture

A Bug's Life: Farming's Little Heroes

Nature's Pest Busters: Organic Control

Buzzing Thanks: Celebrating Nature's Balance

Week 8: Plant-Powered Plates: Hydroponic Nutrition

Savor Plant Delights: A Balanced Feast

Hydroponic Treasures: Nutrient-Rich Discoveries

Soul Food: Nourishing Body and Mind

Week 9: Harvest Gratitude: Celebrating Sustainability

Rejoice: Harvest Lessons and Earth Love

The Green Path: Eco-Lifestyle Commitment

A Heartfelt Thanks: Planet Appreciation

Student Lessons

Our student video lessons are led by accomplished educators with extensive experience in classroom teaching and managing award-winning gardens. Join Hope and Scott as they impart sustainable agriculture knowledge to students.

Lesson Previews

Teacher Support

Hope's weekly lesson walkthroughs help you review each lesson in advance, ensuring your comfort with the material. We also offer a series of detailed how-to videos on related topics, along with supplementary curriculum ideas.

Breathe In. Breathe Out.

We introduce students to mindfulness practices such as breathing exercises, sound meditations, and more, helping them become more self-aware and focused. Mindfulness offers numerous benefits, including improved concentration, stress management, mental and emotional well-being, empathy, social skills, self-esteem, and confidence. Through mindfulness, students can overcome distractions, develop resilience and adaptability, build stronger relationships, and feel empowered in their personal and academic lives, leading to overall success and well-being.

A Dynamic Learning Experience

Step into the future of education with Padlet, our selected real-time collaborative web platform. In our holistic gardening program, we've transformed conventional paper worksheets into captivating and fun virtual activities, fostering both classroom engagement and an eco-conscious learning atmosphere. As students seamlessly share videos, images, drawings, and even utilize AI-driven text-to-image capabilities, they experience a sense of unity and camaraderie in their collective creative journey.



Making Teachers Lives Easier

Our suite of tools simplifies the process of running a successful garden program, guiding you every step of the way.

Dancing Veggies

Teacher-Friendly Lessons

Our easy-to-follow format allows any teacher to successfully manage the program. With our video lessons, interactive activities, and support, the gardening experience becomes therapeutic for both you and your students.

Take a peak below for an overview of the features we provide.


Lessons that anyone can teach

Read, watch, garden, and upload results. That's all it takes each week for any teacher to run a successful program! We provide the video lessons, interactive activities, and support to ensure the program is just as therapeutic for you as it is for the students.

“The lesson plans are very straightforward. The weekly video lessons do a great job of teaching the content, taking pressure off, so I can have fun in the garden, too.”

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Helpful Reminders

Our calendar includes important garden events, a weekly maintenance checklist, and other tasks. You'll receive email reminders if something slips your mind.

“Every Monday morning I get a nice little reminder to keep the garden tidy, and the ONE time I forgot to do it, I was sent a friendly reminder with a video on what I need to do and it took less than 10 minutes.”

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Track Your Bountiful Harvests

Easily record your class's harvests by taking photos and weighing your produce. Organize and upload photos to share your accomplishments in the weekly growing journal.

“It's unbelievable looking back to see everything that we grew and harvested. I never thought these kinds of results were possible from a school garden, especially with someone like me who has a difficult time keeping house plants alive.”

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Growing Gardens. Growing Minds.

Our program offers numerous benefits, distinguishing us from other garden programs:

Active Learning

Students will blossom as they interact with plants, build vertical towers, tend gardens, and taste their harvest.

Table-Ready Harvest

Enjoy the fresh produce in the cafeteria or donate excess veggies to local food banks, spreading the garden's bounty.

Cultivating Healthy Choices

Inspire students to try new veggies and explore delicious plant-based meal alternatives.

Nature's Therapy

Bring nature's soothing power into the classroom, fostering serenity, joy, and wonder for your students.

Tailored Video Lessons

Ease the load for busy teachers with our comprehensive lessons that cover every aspect of the garden program.

Award-Winning Educators

Our skilled teachers have honed this program for 9 years, sharing valuable tips, techniques, and bonus content.

Innovative Technology

Our Green Program offers online tools for smooth teaching, highlighting support and achievements.

All-Encompassing Support

Live sessions, office hours, resources, email help, and media kits ensure success.


The Wonders of Hydroponics

Here are 4 ways growing your own food with hydroponics is more sustainable than traditional soil farming methods, and why it's perfect for the classroom environment.

Tiny Footprint, Generous Garden

A vertical design uses 90% less water and requires 90% less space than normally required to grow produce.

ses only 10% of the land and water of traditional farming

Bountiful Harvests

By using a closed system that recycles 100% of its nutrients and water, hydroponic gardening nurtures sturdy, vibrant plants that naturally fend off pests and diseases, boosting harvest yields by 30% on average.

Increases harvest yields by an average of 30%

Swift, Steady Growth

In an aeroponic garden, plants grow up to 3 times more quickly. You'll also find that their yields are more consistent, and with the magic of grow lights, they can flourish throughout the year.

A Carefree, Eco-friendly Oasis

By bidding farewell to soil, hydroponic gardening sends weeds packing, reducing the need for pesky pesticides and herbicides. Your garden will also leave a smaller CO2 footprint, making it a friend to our lovely planet Earth.


What are teachers saying?

More than a few of my students never heard words such as kale, chard, or basil before this program. It's amazing how much they have learned.

I saw so much joy in my students faces after tasting the lettuce they grew. They left that day with a new sense of inspiration.

Hope is an amazing teacher. She makes it very easy to get a garden up and running smoothly and holds your hand every step of the way through the course.

Meet our Team

  • Hope Kennedy

    Hope Kennedy

    Sustainable Ag Educator

    Hope holds an undergraduate degree in Biology and is a Master Digital Educator. She has taught science in the classroom for the past 25 years. Hope holds a Florida professional teaching certification in Biology and Earth science. For the past 9 years, she has integrated hydroponics into her middle school class.

  • Scott Kennedy

    Scott Kennedy

    Sustainability Educator

    Scott holds a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and is an avid outdoorsman. He has taught outdoor education in the marshes of South Carolina and the coral reef in the Florida Keys. He has taught environmental science in the classroom for the past 25 years. He holds a Florida professional teaching certification in Biology and Earth science. He is a climate change education consultant for Take Action Global and writes science curriculum for Kesler Science.

  • Aunum

    Aunum Cadeau

    Mindfulness Educator

    Aunum has been studying and practicing mindfulness for the past 25 years. He obtained a Bachelor of Health Sciences from McMaster University before studying Advanced Nutrition at The University of Guelph. He's an accredited Mindfulness Life Coach and holds Teacher Training certificates in Vinyasa Yoga and Yoga Nidra. He plays instruments, engineers software, and grows microgreens in his spare time.

  • Bill

    Bill Cocose


    Bill started working on environmental and sustainability issues 25 years ago, running Brownfield redevelopment projects that addressed abandoned contaminated properties that were a health hazard, and a problem within small and large communities. In 2020 he started a nonprofit healthy lifestyle program for Veterans featuring Sustainable Ag, Health & Wellness, and Mindfulness, which also provides therapeutic and vocational training support.

Frequently asked questions

The 9-week course continues with additional lessons and hands on care and harvesting of the vertical garden throughout a semester. The core course content is designed for grades 5-8, and we provide curriculum materials for younger students as well.

We'll be there when you need us, and you can reach out to our Sustainable Gardens team with any questions. Our Support page also has additional information, videos, and page tours.

Absolutely! We guide you through every step, from seed to seedling to harvest. You'll have access to our proprietary garden calendar, which sends notifications for maintenance, growing, and replacement tasks, as well as important events and information. With our roadmap and tools, you'll go from beginner to sustainable farmer by the end of the program!

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